Carolyn Bennett
Hon. Carolyn Bennett
Member of Parliament for Toronto—St. Paul's
Toronto-St. Paul's Calendar 2022 Submissions

We asked Toronto-St. Paul's constituents to submit original artwork for the community calendar that is distributed to every household in the riding.  We were amazed and overwhelmed by the response again this year!

Thank you to all the contributors for your beautiful and stunning reflections that inspire peace, hope, love and joy.

Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming response, we were not able to feature all of the submissions, but we wanted to share them all with you. Enjoy!

The Extraordinary Talent of Toronto-St. Paul's:

Calendar Art 2022

Cardinal by Neiza R.

Pumpkins, Gilda K.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle - made from corrugated cardboard, burnt parchment paper and paint, by Bev S.

Geometrics, by Dana P.

Geometrics, by Dana P.

Geometrics, by Dana P.

Geometrics, by Dana P.

Geometrics, by Dana P.

Geometrics, by Dana P.

By Dana P.

Toques in my home, part of Ontario's history. By Brendan W.

Gotta Love a Laneway, by Christine Q.

Racing on Lake Ontario, by Chuck B.

Casa Loma Stables Tower, by Dorothy M.

Estate Across from Casa Loma, by Dorothy M.

Store on Davenport Road, by Dorothy M.

Spadina House Garden in the Fall, by Dorothy M.

Abstract Textile Art, by Dorothy M.

By Helle A.

Holding Ancestral Sorrows for So Very Long, by Jan C.

Dot Art, by Janet F.

By Jessica P.

Monarch visits Wychwood/St. Clair corner, by Jim C.

Lovely Tree on the way to Spadina House, by Karin F.

By Karin S.

Watering Tulips, by Norma L.

By Rose P.

By Schon G.

By Aadhyya A.

Sherwood, by Lisa L.

Peaches, by Jesse K

Toronto Botanical Garden, by Kay L.

By Lynn B.

By Lynn B.

By Lynn B.

By Lynn B.

Medium: Graphite Pencil on Paper, by Naveen V.


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