Carolyn Bennett
Hon. Carolyn Bennett
Member of Parliament for Toronto—St. Paul's
COVID Chronicles

In the spring,  our office began to send out a regular COVID-19 communication to constituents to help stay connected, while apart. Each email contained a personal message from me in addition to information on our Government's initiatives to assist those effected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. It has been a turbulent few months, and it has been very therapeutic to respond to the events as they were unfolding. I hope that I have expressed that despite all of the physical distancing measures, we are all in this together, while apart. Now, months later, we can see these emails have provided a journal of these strange times.

If you missed them, please read our COVID Chronicles here:

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For the most up to date information on the pandemic, and to find resources that can help you and your family, please visit:

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