Carolyn Bennett
Hon. Carolyn Bennett
Member of Parliament for Toronto—St. Paul's
The FACTS - Protecting Canadians with a free, safe and effective vaccine is our top priority!
January 26, 2021

We understand these times are challenging, unlike any other and if you’re tired and fed up – that is understandable! We are in this together, and this is not forever. With vaccines being rolled out, we are in the final stretch.

We share the urgency of Canadians to ensure access to life-saving vaccines as rapidly as possible, and our government is operating with this sense of urgency every single day. With discussions around vaccine distribution, what feels like new information daily, and uncertainty as to when you and your loved ones will get the vaccine – we want to update you with facts. Below we outline Canada’s efforts, dates to look forward to and the reassurance that we are going to get through this. 

We’d like to share these facts to emphasize that we hear you, we are listening, and we will continue to work together in our fight against COVID-19. Our government will not stop until the job is done!

There is misinformation out there. So, what are the facts?

Is Canada doing their part to push for the vaccines quicker?

For additional information on the Federal government's support for Canada’s vaccine rollout, visit here.  

We thank you for following public health guidelines, the sacrifices you have made and continue to, and trusting that we are in this together.

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